This is what every pregnant women with a piercing has been dreaming of!!!

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About Us

Denee - Creator of Pregnancy Piercings

This business was started to help pregnant women who have made the decision to keep their navel piercing throughout pregnancy. At 20 weeks pregnant it became evident to me that I could no longer keep my stainless steel navel jewelry. I would have to find a product that was long enough and flexible enough to hold my piercing throughout each stage of my expanding belly.

Finally, after much time and research, I came across a material that would meet my needs. With much encouragement and support from friends and family, I began my journey in making this product readily available to all. I now have a beautiful baby girl and a wonderful success story (and now in 2007 a baby boy too).

I feel my product is the best thing for women who would rather keep their piercing than get re-pierced or live with a piercing scar. I hope my Pregnancy Piercings™ works for you, and best wishes on the new addition to your family.

- Denée