This is what every pregnant women with a piercing has been dreaming of!!!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What if my doctor wants me to remove all metal jewelry during delivery or if I have a C-Section?
In every order I include little plastic ends called O-Rings. They are non-metallic and work great if your doctor wants you to remove all metal jewelry.
Do I have to be pregnant to use a Pregnancy Piercing™?
NO, this is a great temporary piece of navel jewelry. It works well for women who need surgery or have gained weight and are experiencing pain due to a tight navel ring. Just keep in mind it is for temporary use, they're not made for long term.
It mentions you can cut to size, How is that possible?
A Pregnancy Piercing™ is made up of 3 pieces, 2 end balls and a shaft. The ends plug into the shaft (they do not screw in) so you can cut the shaft to any length and still have the ability to "plug in" the ends. Be careful not to cut it too short, you need room to hold the shaft while inserting the ends and a pregnant belly tends to grow beyond expectations.
What if one of the ends falls off?
I include O-Rings in all my orders, so you can use these as ends or you can order extra ends. Remember, this is a temporary piece of navel jewelry and is not as tough as metal jewelry. Be careful not to damage the shaft as your inserting or removing ends as this can weaken your navel ring and increase the likelihood of losing an end ball.
How long does it take to receive my Pregnancy Piercing™?
Pregnancy Piercings™ are shipped the day after your order is placed and usually takes 5-10 days for delivery. Shipping costs vary based on size of order.
Do you ship Worldwide?
I do ship worldwide. Standard delivery takes 7-10 days outside of the US. (Global Priority takes 4-6 days)
My Piercing is 16 gauge can I still use a Pregnancy Piercing™?
If you have a 16 gauge piercing you can simply have a Piercing Shop use a Taper to insert your Pregnancy Piercing. I did this when I was pregnant and I found the slightly larger size works better to keep your piercing.
I am allergic some metals can I still keep my piercing through pregnancy?
Yes, but if you are allergic to metals like nickel or stainless steel use the Non-metallic Pregnancy Piercing ONLY (the posts of the ball end contain metal.)
If I am allergic latex can I use a Pregnancy Piercing™?
If you are allergic to latex or plastic I would not recommend you use a Pregnancy Piercing™.