This is what every pregnant women with a piercing has been dreaming of!!!

How did you hear about Pregnancy Piercings?


OB/GYN, Doctors, Midwives, Prenatal Care Givers, Child Birth Educators

This page is to inform you of Pregnancy Piercings; a product that would be of great benefit to your Prenatal Patients / Lamaze class registrants.

I have received many emails from women struggling to find a way to keep their navel piercing through pregnancy. There is a growing need for health care providers and child birth educators to take an active part in helping these women find a product that will help them.

In the past there has been nothing available for these women, most are told they can't keep their piercing or that they will have to remove it at some point. I have developed a product that allows women the ability to keep their navel ring through pregnancy. I feel the best way to help these women is to inform the people they go to in regards to this matter - Doctors, Midwives and Childbirth educators.

Many women are in pain the last few months of pregnancy unnecessarily. Standard navel jewelry can tear through and cause much discomfort. Removing it can cause open holes that can lead to infection and scars.

Pregnancy Piercing are made from a biocompatible medical grade plastic; that is already in use in the medical field. It is very flexible and adjusts with an expanding belly. "I used this during my pregnancy and it worked great! I was able to keep my navel piercing with no problems".

Other ways to help - Some clinics have added my information to prenatal packets and handouts; others have posted my information on bulletin boards or sent a memo/email to staff. Anything you can do to create awareness of this great product is greatly appreciated.

I have been directing patients to your website for the past 5 years. Thanks for coming up with such a usefull product that allows women the option of retaining their piercings if they so desire. I find that my patients are pleased when they find out that a pregnancy doesn't mean they have to give up their piercing and often surprised that it was their doctor who told them about it. Keep up the good work. - Kent S. Davis, M.D. Eastside OB/GYN

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