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Bare that belly bling - Link

Kathy Rank Lev - 2010-02-01

Many pregnant women spend the third trimester searching for their bellybutton (or wishing it weren't jutting out so far). Others go through pregnancy with little change to that particular dimple. So why not show it off-in style?

Most doctors agree its a bad idea to pierce your navel during pregnancy due to the risk of infection. But if you have an existing piercing, Tina Johnson, C.N.M., M.S., director of professional practice and health policy for the American College of Nurse-Midwives, suggests using soft, surgical-plastic "retainers" to comfortably keep it open during gestation. These are thinner and longer than traditional navel rings. Check out the offerings at or for inexpensive, flexible flare that leaves room for your growing bump.