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Piercings now look swell with baby on board

Robin L. Flanigan - Staff Writer - 2005-03-02

As her belly swelled, a pregnant Denee Forbes went to every body-piercing and maternity shop she could find to ask what she could do about her navel ring.

"It pretty much starts cutting through your skin," the 26-year-old says of the impliable metal jewelry. "Some people do make it through the ninth month if they don't get big, but they're usually bleeding and in a ton of pain."

Turning to the Internet, she found a flexible material to use instead - and a home-based business was born. She sells 14-guage, 2-inch barbells that can be cut to size. They come in nine colors and cost $16 each. Forbes, a part-time administrative assistant and mother of now-2-year-old Lydia, runs Pregnancy Piercings out of her Rochester home, selling on eBay and at

Orders have come from around the world, including Japan , Taiwan and Australia . One woman has inquired about a shipment for her shop in Sweden. Michelle Rooksby of Greece, in her seventh month of pregnancy, stumbled upon the maternity barbells online two months ago. She had to be pierced again after her last pregnancy - the metal ring got the boot as soon as she found out she was expecting - and wanted to avoid being punctured a third time.

"I cut it down a little so it fit better, but I kept it long to be on the safe side," says Rooksby, 36, who received instructions with her barbell, sanitized and mailed in a sterilized pouch. "I still have two months to go. It's really flexible, so I just tape it down with Band-aids. It's awesome."

Forbes wants to help women keep their piercings open without resorting to the do-it-yourself methods she once tried. "I took a piece of string and tied it together like a ring," she recounts. "It didn't look professional, and people looked at me funny."