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A Mother Of Invention Gives Birth To Thriving Business - 2005-03-28

Like countless other women the world over, Denee Forbes has her belly button pierced.

But when Denee became pregnant three years ago, she wasn't sure whether she could keep her piercing as her bump grew. More surprisingly, her visits to maternity shops, piercing shops and related websites told her that nobody else seemed to know either.

She was offered plastic rings and told to use string to prevent the piercing from closing when she removed her inflexible metal barbell piercing, but neither was a satisfactory solution. And if she simply removed it she ran the risk of having scar tissue that could make piercing painful at a later date.

One thing was for sure. At 20 weeks, she knew she couldn't keep her stainless steel navel jewellery. But during her quest to find a solution, she came across a flexible tubing that had been developed for use in open heart surgery that was non-toxic. In fact it was the same material used by body artists who want raised circles and other shapes just beneath the surface of their skin.

So with this pliable tubing and two end balls to cap the openings, Denee made herself a piercing that lasted her entire pregnancy. And it gave her an idea for a business that today is Pregnancy Piercings .

Denee was able to launch her business without borrowing by selling her navel barbells for pregnant women on the auction website Ebay . "Ebay is a great way to start a business," the 26 year old from Rochester, New York, told . "Even a 'crazy' idea like Pregnancy Piercings got noticed there. I started out selling one a week just to see if anyone else might want to keep their navel ring through pregnancy, like me!"

Denee launched a website in 2003 to reach a wider market. Pregnancy piercings sell at US$15.99 each in a range of colours - including pink and blue for those who know what sex their baby will be.

A number of shops are also starting to stock her piercing barbells and they are now available in the UK too courtesy of Bumptastic .

"My sales are in the hundreds now and keep doubling every month," says Denee who quit her day job earlier this month to concentrate on her business success and hopefully inspire other women to follow in her business footsteps.

"My plan for the future is to help other Moms who quit their day jobs to stay at home with their little ones," said Denee whose daughterLydia is now two. "Women are great multi-taskers and there are so many things in business that can be done from home these days."