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Navel Piercing for the Hip Mommy-to-Be

Michelle Anton - 2008-03-14

For Denee Forbes, an unforeseen challenge paved the way for a new mommy-friendly venture that she launched without borrowing a cent. "Women are great multitaskers, and there are so many things in business that can be done from home these days," said Forbes.

Realizing that as her bump grew, her favorite stainless steel navel ring might be risky, she began exploring her options. Forbes was already aware of the potential harm associated with a navel piercing in pregnant women. She said, "It pretty much starts cutting through your skin. Some people do make it through the ninth month if they don't get big, but they're usually bleeding and in a ton of pain."

Forbes couldn't find any safe solutions when she checked out websites, maternity boutiques and piercing shops. But before long, she stumbled across an answer that came in the shape of a nontoxic flexible tubing that was already enjoying multiple uses. It is uncanny that the same tubing doctors relied on for open-heart surgery was popular with body artists wanting to create raised circles just beneath the surface of their skin.

Ingenuity and creativity were soaring the day Forbes used a piece of the bendable tubing and two end balls to cap the openings of her first custom made navel ring. She knew that she was on to something unique when her invention lasted throughout her pregnancy. This was the first step for her business, Pregnancy Piercings. Today she sells 14-gauge, 2-inch barbells that can be cut to size. They come in nine colors, including pink and blue for those who know what sex their baby will be.

Having jump-started her biz on eBay, Forbes said, "EBay is a great way to start a business; even a 'crazy' idea like Pregnancy Piercings got noticed there. I started out selling one a week just to see if anyone else might want to keep their navel ring through pregnancy, like me!"

Forbes, wants to inspire other women to follow in her carefully chosen footsteps: "My plan for the future is to help other moms who quit their day jobs to stay at home with their little ones." She is the proud mommy of 2 children, her 5 year old daughter was the inspiration for launching Pregnancy Piercings and her son is 10 months old.