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Child-bearing babes can now bare their bellies with pride - Link

Alex Davies - 2008-05-13

For many women, getting pregnant means having to give up a lot of things, but now piercings aren't one of them thanks to Denee Forbes, creator of Pregnancy Piercings. Pregnancy Piercings are long, flexible, plastic-like belly button rods that keep naval piercings from closing up while women are preggo.

They come in different colors, and can have charms attached to them allowing ladies to beautify their baby bump. According to Forbes, the belly rods are an unexpected treat for those expecting.

She says, "For a lot of women, their piercings are part of their identity. Just because you get pregnant, you shouldn't have to give up the things that are a piece of you."

And the jewlery is inspiring knocked up ladies to let it all hang out. Forbes explains, "Women are super excited to show off their cute, little baby bumps more when they're out."