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Pregnancy Navel Piercing - Accessories make the baby belly - Link

Parents Connect - 2008-06-01

The Reality:

You used to be so proud of your navel piercing, you'd find excuses to show it off. But now that you're bursting at the seams, your navel jewelry - like your pants (your shirts, your shoes...) - is struggling to fit. If another inch of growth could send that belly ring pinging across the room like a popped button, try this on for size.

We Recommend:

Pregnancy Navel Piercing. Navel jewelry has gotten maternity friendly. These medical-grade navel barbells work with your growing belly because they're longer and more flexible than regular belly bling. Plus they come with optional nonmetallic ends that may even get you the go-ahead to wear it into the delivery room. Of course your OB will have the final word, but with an obstetric jewelry option, you might just be able to keep your old pride and joy until your new one arrives!