This is what every pregnant women with a piercing has been dreaming of!!!

How did you hear about Pregnancy Piercings?


Thank you so much for the wonderful products. This is the second time i have ordered your pregnancy piercings and i have to say i love them. i tried using another product from another place and i have to say they are not even close to your quality! - Annie (Flushing, NY)

I was lucky enough to find out about your product not long after I fell pregnant and jumped on it straight away. Many of my friends had commented on how much trouble they had had with their piecing during pregnancy and most of them resorted to just removing them all together and I was hoping to avoid these issues. At about 25 weeks my normal belly ring was really starting to aggravate me and my ever growing and increasingly sensitive belly. Not only that but It was becoming more and more visible though clothing so I decided it was time to change bars. Using this product was easy and fuss free, and it's completely adjustable. I got instant relief as soon as i put the bar in and have had no pain since. The bar is soft and flexible and moves/bends with your body and it's also discreet under clothing. I have been thrilled with this product and have and will continue too, recommend this product to friends and family. - Rita

Love my new Pregnancy Piercing! I just wanted to say how excited I was to receive my new Pregnancy Piercing from you! I was surprised and pleased by how quick my order came. My Midwife recommended I check out your website, and I did so immediately. Your Pregnancy Piercing jewelry is very comfortable and is also quite cute. I have had no problems with it at all. My old jewelry started to irritate my navel, but as soon as I put your jewelry in, ahhh, so much better! I love it! Thanks for creating such a wonderful product! - Michelle (California)

I just have to tell how wonderful your pregnancy piercings are. I have three piercings in my belly button and I love them and I did not want to have to give them up when I became pregnant. I used your fabulous product and had absolutely no problems and no tearing or stretching around the piercings. I'm now pregnant with number two on the way and will definitely be ordering more! Thank you thank you thank you!!!! - Chrissy (Calgary, AB, Canada)

I heard about your product on my Baby Center online forum. I am due in December with my first child, a little boy :-). I have had my navel piercing for 15 years but I didn't even want to chance it ripping or closing up. I was so happy when I heard about your product from the ladies on Baby Center. I ordered it last month and had a piercer put it in over the weekend. My existing ring was already getting really tight and a little painful. Now that I have my pregnancy piercing in I know I can relax about it! Thanks for thinking of us moms-to-be with this special situation. I can't wait to tell my ob/gyn about it at my next visit. All the best, Erin (Denver, CO)

I just want to say how excited I am today.....I just put my pregnancy piercing in!! It's super duper comfortable. I have actually been placed on strict bed rest (no worries my baby and I are doing just fine) and you wouldn't believe how this is the hi-light of my day. Not only that I have had my piercing for a little over 10 years and by no means was I willing to part with it so I did the research and came upon your site. My friends have never even heard of it so I get to be the pioneer amongst my peers! I am looking forward to finishing my remainder months with an ease of mind that I can keep my beloved piercing while expecting the love of my life!! Thanks for making this product. I will spread the word right from my bedside....;-) Happily pregnant and pierced, Colleen (Brooklyn, New York)

Thank you for creating such a great product for pregnant women that want to keep their belly piercings throughout their pregnancies! I had been wearing a PTFE belly bar from a "maternity" piercing website, but when my OBGYN told me it needed to be more flexible, I went searching on the web. I am so glad that I found Pregnancy Piercings because their product is exactly what my doctor wanted me to wear...I just wish I had gone to this website first! - Michelle (Novato, CA)

I just wanted to follow up with you on my situation. I actually had to remove my PTFE belly button ring (that I had purchased from another website) for about a month because it had gotten so sore and infected! I've had my piercing for about 10 years so luckily the hole didn't close up on me before I finally got to a point where it looked a lot better and I was able to try the new one that I purchased from you. Well what a difference that made! It is so comfortable and soft that I can't even feel it. I am so happy to have it as I'm sure that my piercing would have eventually closed over and I was really wanting to keep it. I wish I had known about your product BEFORE I got so far along in my pregnancy so that all my discomfort could have been avoided. I am due Feb 14th so my belly is pretty big now but your piercing slipped through easily and still has plenty of room to grow. Thank you SO much! Jaime (Alberta Canada)

Hello I have used your products during both of my pregnancies! I absolutely love your products! I did however also try another pregnancy belly ring in the beginning of my second pregnancy being as I could not remember the name of your company and let me tell you that was a big mistake! I am not 100% sure what exactly went wrong however I believe it was an allergic reaction to the material used being as it was completely different then what you use, but my whole belly button swelled up and hurt INCREDIBLY BAD! I then went and dug back into my papers and found the stuff you had sent me with my first belly ring and ordered another one from you and have had absolutely no problems with it! I have found that you use quality material in which is safe and the best! I would defiantly only recommend Pregnancy Piercings to other pregnant mothers! - Lexi, Colorado

I just wanted to let you know that I love your product! I'm 6 months along and was starting to have some discomfort with my old barbell. I've had it pierced for 9 years and would have hated to just take it out and let it close up! Then I found your site, ordered Blue cause I'm having a boy and the shipping was super fast! I have had it in for one day and it feels great, very comfortable like it's not even there. My belly instantly felt better! Thanks again! - Molly (Sanford, FL)

I used your product during my last pregnancy and it worked great. This time I attempted to purchase a diferent, less expensive product, but found that yours is more ideal for my needs. I look forward to receiving my order! Thank you for the fast service. - Lisa (North Branford, CT)

I found out about Pregnancy Piercings by doing a search on Google. I found a few other websites that were cheaper, but found it hard to trust those websites. I felt 100% comfortable purchasing my pregnancy belly button ring through Pregnancy Piercings. - Shalynn (Sacramento, CA)

Hi! I just ordered a pink pregnancy piercing bar from you and thought I'd let you know how great it was to come upon your website! I've been looking around for a bar that would grow with my belly (I'm 20 weeks and getting ready to pop) and nothing sounded right until I got to your site. like many of your customers, I'll be passing the word on about you! Thanks so much! I can't wait to receive my new belly button bar. - Kelly, OH

I am now laughing in the faces of those who told me I would have to remove my belly ring!HaHa! Thank you sooo very much ! A brilliant idea my lady I'm telling everyone! Sincerely, Melissa (Tucson,Az)

I just wanted to say thank you for sending my order of one purple pregnancy belly ring so promptly! I bought the exact same one 4 years ago when I was pregnant with my first daughter! I bought a second one because I have since lost the old one but remembered loving it! I wore mine for some time after I had my daughter... probably 6 months or so and it was great while my tummy was shrinking back down to have some flexibility in the ring while I lost pregnancy weight!

I love it already just as much as I loved the first one and it's only been a week! Thank you for making such a trustworthy and quality pregnancy piercing! :)I am happy to be able to decorate my belly with these pretty rings while I grow babies inside! My oldest daughter loves to look at my belly and talk to her little sister inside, and she always tells me she "likes my pretty ring". She's 3 and even sees how happy it makes her mommy!

Thanks again for a wonderful product! - Bethany Slovik (Holland, MI)

Hello Denee, I just wanted to tell you about my experience with your service and product. I received my jewelry very quickly. Much quicker than the estimated time-thanks!! As for the jewelry- I absolutely love it. I have had my piercing for more than 10 years and didn't want it to close up during pregnancy. I put the pregnancy piercing in at about 5 1/2 months of pregnancy. It was so easy to put in and it immediately felt so much better than my old one. It was starting to hurt and itch. I can't even feel this one, as it should be. I absolutely love it and it is really cute too. I got pink cause we are having a girl. Thank you so much for such an awesome product and service. - Lindsey, CA

I have been directing patients to your website for the past 5 years. Thanks for coming up with such a usefull product that allows women the option of retaining their piercings if they so desire. I find that my patients are pleased when they find out that a pregnancy doesn't mean they have to give up their piercing and often surprised that it was their doctor who told them about it. Keep up the good work. - Kent S. Davis, M.D. Eastside OB/GYN

Thank you! I am pregnant with my second son, with my first one I wore my regular belly ring until I went over due, but it hurt!!! Since I am getting bigger faster this time, I am very excited about your product! Thank you and I will keep you posted! - Marsha, North Carolina

UPDATE: Just wanted to let you know, I got my pregnancy piercing ring back in May. I am now due on October 16th, measuring bigger than normal and still am wearing it! With my first son I wore my regular ring until about 8 1/2 months or so, but it hurt! This one has not bothered me and my doctors compliment it alot!! I always tell them where to go and where to send other expectant moms, I have also told my cousin, which ordered one, and several friends. It is great!!! Thanks!!! - Marsha, NC

I used my belly ring all the way into the delivery room!! Thank you for making this product, because of it my piercing did not get all "deformed"like others I have seen without a belly ring. I absolutely loved it!! Thank you again! - Deena, Hawaii

Thank you so much for creating this product. I actually heard of it by doing an internet search for "pregnancy belly button ring" during my first pregnancy. I used the piercing with my first pregnancy in 2006 with great results (I was even allowed to keep it in during my C-section) but somehow managed to lose my belly ring between my two pregnancies. So here I am ordering another! Thanks again for getting this product out there! - Melissa, Florida

Hi Denee, I purchased the flexi-insert barbell from you when I was about 4/5 months along.........and I also grabbed a long-sleeve shirt. I have to just tell you, I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THE SHIRT! Where did you find ones with cut and shape like that? They are so cute and comfortable, I wear it all the time! This was my second purchase from boyfriend/fiancé found your web site 2 1/2 years ago and surprised me w/ a soft barbell for my first pregnancy. I LOVED IT! I had already taken out my piercing and was so bummed that it was starting to stretch and itch and de-form itself. When he told me about your site, I was elated! I am in Syracuse, and am one of your biggest fans! I REALLY REALLY want you to know how much I appreciate and value your product.....and then to find out that you had developed more products and merchandise (shirts n stuff) within the past 2 years!!!! That's should be so proud. I CONSTANTLY tell people about your web site.....and had actually emailed you 2 years ago for some flyers to give to my OBGYN. Thanks again SO SO MUCH! You are very clever and creative, and deserve a fulfilling life from this business! What a great product! I can't thank you enough! - Rebecca, New York

I absolutely loved my jewelry from, what a fantastic idea! I lost my belly ring with my first and second pregnancies because I didn't know about your jewelry! With my 3rd pregnancy, I was able to keep my ring! Thank you so much! - Stephanie

I went to my 35 week appointment and my OB commented on my Pregnancy Piercings saying, "This must be something new, most of my patients have to take their piercing out much sooner than this. They always start to complain that it starts to bother them." I explained to him how it worked and gave him the website info. He thought it was great that you also have a non metal option. He's great about not discouraging the navel rings. He even did two surgeries for me that he had to go in through the belly button and let me keep my ring in both times! I am sure he would send a ton of business your way. The ones that they currently put in pregnant women are not nearly as attractive (plain ugly white) and not nearly as flexible, therefore not nearly as comfortable. The also have outside threading on the plastic, not fun to slide in and out of a piercing. - Andrea, Ohio

I want to thank you so much for my piercing purchase. I just received it this afternoon and it is great! The service and extremely fast shipping was wonderful! I will definitely be telling other preggos about your product. Thank you again and have a great week. - Jenn (California)

Thank you very much for saving my belly button ring. My OBGYN has even complimented my pregnancy ring and he asked me where I got it and he is going to let his other pregnant patients know about this website. I am due to give birth on Thursday. I really can't believe how this ring doesn't hurt and is the best!!! Please send me some cards I can give my OBGYN and leave in his I said he was quite impressed and happy - Jennifer, New Jersey

I had ordered from another website, because it was so cheaper but it didn't work and I had to return it. It was made out of PTFE and didn't hold the balls and on one end it didn't even fit! I have searched far and wide for a maternity belly ring and I was SHOCKED I couldn't find anything at all!!! I really hope I can keep my piercing, I have had it for 8 years! It makes me feel sexy to have it, especially now!!!

Anyway, I wanted to say thanks, I really need to take this one out fast and soon!!! It is amazing, one day you wake up and it's like WOW, I have a belly!!!

Thank you so much for this product!!! Shipping was amazingly fast!!! I finally have relief! My old piercing was starting to really hurt, and I just put this one in, and it is so comfortable! It is so much more flexible and comfy compared to PTFE! I don't feel like my belly button is about to rip open! Thank you for the instructions and rubber ends and extra ball too! I feel like I am covered now! I feel sexy still knowing that I can keep my piercing! Amazing product. They need to sell it in maternity stores and Babies R' Us!!! I will tell all my preggie friends about this wonderful product!

Blessings to you and I really hope you get huge and your biz grows, this is a genius product, it should be sold at every piercing shop around!!! - Christina, Texas

I just wanted to say thank you for all of the options that you have made avaliable for mothers. I am pregnant with my first, and have grown very tired of everyone telling me that I have to take out piercings that I have had for years (that and some crankiness from the hormones). Now I see that I have a viable option to keep my belly button and nipples pierced and stay safe and comfortable. Thank you - Stephanie

Ijust wanted to tell you again how awesome your piercing product worked for me! I am so happy that I found it very early in my pregnancy and could start using it when I started to get uncomfortable with my steel rings. I got really big too, gained 59 lbs, which is way more than I should have and it still saved my piercing. It's been a week now, I am about ready to switch to a regular ring again. Holes look great, no scarring and no stretching! I know it will be a while till I'm back to bikinis and belly shirts, but my belly ring will be ready when my abs are! - Magan

Hi, I just wanted to say THANK YOU! I just got my Pregnancy Piercing and I love it! It is so wonderful that you were able to devise this idea. I have had my piercing for 12 years, and now that I am pregnant I thought I was going to have to take it out because the barbell I had in was getting way to tight as my belly is getting bigger. However I did not want to take it out, I never have since I got it. This helped so much, and it is very comfortable and easy to use. Thanks again for making such a product! - Theresa, Florida

I've had my belly button pierced for 8 years, and with my first son, I kept it in the whole nine months and through delivery. But when I saw Pregnancy Piercings, it sounded much more comfortable, and since I'm facing a possible c-section this time around, it also sounded like a good idea. I've read a lot of great reviews about your products. Thanks! - Valerie (Shippensburg, PA)

Hello - I just wanted to thank you for such a wonderful item. I don't know what I would do without it. I already fell like a hippo and if I had to have my piercing close up I think I would feel even worse. Everyone I show can't believe that they make things like this. Thanks again for the wonderful item. - Wendy, California

I am 23 weeks pregnant and I purchased your product. I love it because it is flexible. I previously had a PTFE which was big and inflexible. - Trina, Arizona

I am a salsa dancer and my partner and I are doing one last show before I have my baby... decorated (thanks to you) Proof that an 8 month pregnant woman should still dance the sexy salsa!! - Gorete, Canada

I just wanted to say Hello and I am so glad that I found your web site !! I can't tell you how long I have been looking for something just like this item. I have ordered numerous belly rings but none are what I was looking for. I instantly order as soon as I read your intro and saw that you had used this when you were pregnant. We are planning on having twins through IVF and now I am able to keep my belly pierced through the whole process. Thank You Thank You!

Brilliant! I have been looking for something like this! I am almost 22 weeks pregnant with my second child. When I was pregnant with my first, I let my navel piercing heal over. 5 years later, and not expecting to have any more children, I had it repierced a year ago, then we decided to have another child!!! So I don't want to lose my piercing again... I'll let my piercing shop know about you too :) - Joanne Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

I cannot thank you enough for selling these. I'm 4 months pregnant and have been looking all over for a ring that will allow me to keep my piercing. Thanks again!

Fast shipping!! Very pleased with item!! Thanks!

Great as always! Fast shipping for a wonderful product!

Great business! Thanks, I love my new barbell!

Yippeeee I can keep my piercing!

What a great product! Super fast delivery! Saved my piercing!!!!!!


Girl, I am so happy I found your site - heard about it from a pregnancy magazine in my doctor's office - I was really going to create something to put in there so I didn't have to re-pierce it! D'Evereaux Baum - Houston, Texas

Awesome Idea. Will spread the word.

Prompt delivery of a quality product.

Great item, my wife loves it!

I will be telling all expecting moms with belly rings about this product!!

How cool are these???? Awesome product!

Wonderful product. Very comfortable.

Thanks for saving my piercing!!!

Great product works great for a pierced pregnant belly.

Awesome, wife's happy.

Love it!! Great Idea! Very Comfortable! No more worries about losing my piercing.

It is so much more comfortable than metal! I'm going to be a little depressed when its time to go back to a metal piercing. - Laura, Ohio

This is what every pregnant women with a piercing has been dreaming of!!!!

This is the best pregnancy piercing on the market! I used these piercings when I was pregnant with my first child and now again with my second! They are super comfortable and flexible and you can trim them to size too! Not only are they comfortable, but she has great styles too! I would definitely recommend this to any pregnant Mommy who wants to keep her piercing! - Evanna (New York)

I just wanted to thank you so very much for offering a flexible nipple jewelry option for pregnant women. I have found that with my great increase of breast size throughout pregnancy, my barbell no longer fits comfortably - I find that nipple jewelry only comes in one general standard size, and seeing as men tend to have much smaller nipple areas, and jewelry is just standard for all piercings, the jewelry does not often get much larger than the minimum space for women.

Your flexible and easily-removable (the O-ring) jewelry has gotten me very excited about the prospect of comfortably keeping my nipple piercing throughout pregnancy and breast feeding, and you are THE only site I have found that offers this. (Of course I am aware that the jewelry needs to be removed every feeding, but the fact that it is less of a pain to remove with the o-ring gives me much more confidence of keeping it.) Thank you so very much! - Isabelle

I recently ordered a pregnancy piercing from you and just wanted to let you know that I've just received it today and I am very very satisfied!!! But also I wanted to thank you for sending an extra end and the non metallic o-ring ends. I was so so happy to see those. I had a few worries about how this piercing was going to work and if the ends would really stay in, especially with the "it's a boy" pendant but again, I'm so happy with it. I put it in not too long ago, it feels great and it really is super flexible. I wish I would've ordered it months ago! Thank you so much!! I will make sure to leave a review on your website if the option is available and I'll definitely spread the word. - Ramona Malino (Marietta, GA)